ADK more than triples its 2021FY revenue, increases stockists

ADK Rural Update

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"The directors of ADK Rural are pleased to provide the following progress update for the 2022 financial year as at 31 May 2022. 

As a result of ongoing business development efforts, ADK Rural’s stockist network has increased to 340 retail stores across Australia, an increase of 89 stores in the 2 months since 31 March 2022. State-by-state stockist locations are currently: NSW: 132 stores

  • Qld: 107 stores 
  • Vic: 49 stores 
  • SA: 34 stores 
  • WA: 8 stores 
  • Tas: 7 stores 
  • NT: 3 stores 

Year to date revenue is $6.504M with EBITDA of $981k. The directors remain confident the FY22 forecast of $7.276M revenue and $1.076M EBITDA is attainable."

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June 7th, 2022

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