IMANI signs new MoU with major international steel trader

IMANI, trading under the brand IMANI Framing, has signed an extensive supply partnership with a leading international steel trader

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  • Expanding the IMANI Framing supply catalogue from Flat Coil for Steel Fabricators, to now include a full range of Structural, Painted, and Rural steel for multi-use applications
  • IMANI has the capability to source directly from dozens of the worlds leading steel mills into AUS + NZ
  • IMANI has secured modified, industry leading payment terms for their clients. This allows a delayed payment term from receipt of goods, assisting cash flow in difficult times.
  • IMANI‚Äôs leading technology brings a disruptive, e-commerce digital experience for a mature industry. Buying steel is as simple as online retail shopping, with live event notifications.
  • By servicing end users directly from the Mills globally, IMANI removes several layers of waste, including warehousing, pick-and-pack, domestic slitting and multiple transport requirements
  • IMANI has unlocked an independent supply chain capable of servicing significant steel consumers at industry leading pricing through lean supply chain
  • IMANI is now providing leading pricing as the global rate of steel falls against domestic pricing rises
  • IMANI has had strong interest in this new proposition, and is seeking new clients actively throughout AUS + NZ

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IMANI signs new MoU with major international steel trader

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April 21st, 2020

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