Pharmachal's Nopayne product receives compelling independent results

Pharmachal Health Group Newsletter January 2021

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"Pharmachal Health Group is a Melbourne-based pharmaceutical company with a certified globally- patented mini-emulsion drug-in-oil delivery methodology (“Nano Drug Delivery System” or “NDDS”) capable of delivering a wide range of APIs (drugs / other active ingredients) topically, sublingually, or rectally.

About Nopayne

The first NDDS product “Nopayne” uses the methodology to deliver a very common analgesic called lidocaine as a spray, patch or cream, in many instances eliminating the need for injections for burns, wounds and minor procedures and providing users with new options for delivering this drug. 

Confirmation of Commercial-Scale Production

After receiving compelling results in clinical trials under the supervision of renowned burns doctor Fiona Wood AO, Pharmachal needed to produce three commercial-scale batches of the Nopayne spray to confirm that it could be made at scale before TGA registration.

In late 2020, the company received compelling independent results for the second commercial-scale batch, confirming a two-year shelf-life without refrigeration, a molecular size an order-of-magnitude smaller than its competitors, and minimal diminution of lidocaine over time. 

These results confirm that Nopayne can be a new and unique analgesic/anaesthetic solution for first responders, physician’s rooms, surgeons, sports, industrial and domestic use in what is a billion-dollar-per-year industry of lidocaine injections, patches and creams."

Please download the full announcement via the link below - WARNING the document includes images of injuries. 

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January 19th, 2021

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