300K Enterprises Ltd. introduces their latest offering combining LED efficiency with some world first features

26 September 14

With the world wide push for energy efficiency and the resultant emission/cost savings there has been an increase of LED light fittings on the market around the globe. While themarket is well versed in the obvious benefits of LED lighting, as always there is more tothe story than the headlines as our MD Chris Trewin explains.

“When we were first looking at entering the lighting market a couple of years ago we knew from personal experience that the initial purchase price is often the cheapest part of ownership, in particular by the time you account for the ongoing energy and maintenance costs.

We knew that by incorporating energy efficient LED technology and our patented “Connex” base functionality we could offer clients a very safe to use, resource efficient fitting compared to other products currently on the market. However based on our own experience we knew that there were much larger gains to be made elsewhere in the fittings life cycle, therefore the concept for the NuVo PI was born.

While the brief to the engineering team was simple, build the most resource efficient LED fitting on the market it took a number of years of R&D to bring it to reality. We use the term resource efficient as opposed to the typical energy efficient statement as we were taking a more holistic approach by examining how we could reduce all of the resources consumed from electricity to human labour etc…The result is the NuVo PI, thelowest whole of life cost Industrial LED fitting and one of the worlds most advanced LED fitting with a number of world first features.

In the case of our mining clients the single largest expense is the labour required to routinely inspect and repair lighting around a site. While the NuVo PI has many features one is the ability to detect and then provide an alarm when there is contaminate build up on the lens (probably the single biggest issue on a mine site). This ability combined with other unique features means that the fittings once installed do not require ongoing inspections to ensure the integrity and performance of the fittings. Due to their ability to continually monitor internal/external environment and their own performance a much more efficient model of condition based maintenance strategy can be employed as opposed to the traditional time based strategy’s resulting in large cost and efficiency savings. With the laser like focus of our existing and potential customer base on reducing costs I believe the NuVo PI is a concept whose time has come.”