Testimonials from clients & customers

We've collected a few comments passed on to us from people who have used our services, chosen investments through us or we've helped to seek & raise capital investment. If you're one of the above we'd welcome any comments you may want to share to help others decide that Funding Strategies has what they're looking for.


“It was great working with Mark, Flora and the team from BlueMount Capital. The acquisition of Sandvik’s Exploration business has allowed us to expand our international footprint and introduce our passion and service for the mining and exploration business into the global market”. To find out more about Drillman, please click here.

Mike Wilkes
Director/Owner, M-Group of Companies.​ Debt Financing Project Terebro

"BlueMount Capital has been paramount in EMF realising our dream to delivering affordable and innovative health and fitness solutions to the greater Australian community. Their assistance has helped us create our new Nerang Performance and Recovery Centre and will be assisting us with our venture in our North Lakes venue later in 2019. The future for EMF is only looking brighter." To find out more about EMF please click here.

Scott Freeman
Co-Founder, Elite Military Fitness (EMF) Debt Financing

"Our experience with Funding Strategies has been invaluable. Mark, Birgit, Stephen and their colleagues made an exceptional team. You can expect a professional, prompt, organised and personal approach when working with Funding Strategies. They also went out of their way to spend valuable time with us to talk us through each process so we understood very clearly the steps of our capital raise and both the short-term and long-term strategies for our company. We highly recommend Funding Strategies and look forward to working with the team again." To find out more about Instant Consult, please click here.

Bianca Brown
Managing Director, Instant Consult Equity Capital Raising Project Medico

"Working with Stephen and Mark has been a wonderful journey. I really appreciate their thoughts and ability to listen. Every suggestion has led to productive conversations and now bold actions. I'm really looking forward to the next opportunity."

Glenda MacTavish
Director, Jazz Junktion Strategy Session

"The team at Funding Strategies (FS) really deliver. As a small start up we are budget conscious and demanding on outcomes, FS managed both of these. Mark and Stephen presented a considered approach to our capital raise leveraging their years of experience. We have encountered most of the team in our time with FS and they all convey the same willingness and commitment to our project as do the leaders. We continue to partner with FS and recommend them to other businesses looking for an elite team."

Gary Borham
COO & Co-Founder, LifeTech Balance Pty Ltd Investor Distribution Family Harmony project

"Right Company, Right Sponsor, Right Platform"

Opmantek Ltd closed its primary capital raise with Funding Strategies after successfully raising over $700,000. Opmantek is an Australian company formed and built for high investor return. The Company's founders have a history of success, there are already early stage acquisition approaches and the company is growing rapidly at high profit. Opmantek operates in the field of Network Management Software under a disruptive business model that leverages uniquely low costs to deliver their software to a blue-chip, global client base. To find out more about Opmantek, please click here.

Danny Maher
Managing Director, Opmantek Ltd Equity Capital Raising

"Funding Strategies introduced me to this opportunity as part of a growth funding round. I happily invested realising that the founders, Travis and Bianca Brown would remain part of the company. Mark explained the deal, opportunity and potential risks and I invested as a diversified wholesale investor.

The process was efficient and together, the company was built over the next three years with an exit of multiple of invested capital.

Another great deal done. Thanks for the invitation to participate Mark."

Paul Cooper
Investor Equity Capital Raising Project Medico

PRM Cloud Solutions closed its primary capital raise after successfully raising over $860,000 with Funding Strategies. The company specialises in implementing and building cloud, mobile and social applications for the Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Media and Health, Government & Education sectors. The most recent of the applications developed by PRM is Enverro. PRM subsequently changed it’s name to Enverro and listed on the ASX in Dec 2014. It later became DateTix and subsequently Love Group. To find out more about Love Group please click here.

Leigh Kelson
CEO, PRM Cloud Solutions Equity Capital Raising PRM Cloud Solutions

"Mark, Stephen and the team at Funding Strategies have been a pleasure to work with; they have great connections and are very experienced at developing funding strategies and capital raising."

Chris Wright
Tutis Holding Pty Ltd Equity Capital Raising Project Doceo