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Equity Capital Raising

Equity Capital Raising

Funding Strategies partners with Companies to provide equity capital solutions for a range of business activities where new shares are issued to investors for cash, for the business to use.

Equity Capital Raising

From $6,000 per month

Why Raise Capital?

Companies raise venture capital for a wide range of reasons including to:

  • Hire human capital

  • Grow the company (sales and marketing) and acquire market share

  • Have a competitive advantage (more nimble in the market place)

  • Provide funding for working capital and to build cash reserves

  • Enhance credit and borrowing status (use equity to get debt)

  • Launch new products and provide investment for new initiatives

  • To provide development funding and project funding (eg. for mining tenements)

  • Fund acquisitions and joint venture partners

  • Fund capital investment and expansion (project finance)

  • Retire debt / reduce balance sheet gearing

  • Increase profit by reducing interest costs

  • Match grants funding

  • Exit the business gradually by selling down shares

  • Negotiate with stakeholders (ie. bring money to the table)

  • Replace shareholders

Equity Capital Raising – Features

We have a proven Equity Capital Raising Process that helps companies get investor ready, improves their corporate governance and to raise funds compliantly under the Corporations Act. We provide on-going services that help create and monitor the funding strategy and help to educate, coach and guide you through this capital raising process. This process together with a crowdfunding equity capital raising platform greatly assists the company in the compliant distribution of their "matter" to investors, and significantly assists investors with due diligence while providing investors a professional and trusted process for interacting with the company and investing in the company's securities.

The Equity Capital Raising Process

The Equity Capital Raising Process involves a number of important steps that include:

  • Submitting the Capital Raising Form which can be downloaded here

  • Discussing with us your business strategy and funding requirements

  • Engage us to act for you in terms of providing business advisory and capital finance raising services

  • Provision of due diligence information

  • Finalise financial forecasts, share capital structure and offer document

  • Hold a Discovery Meeting to explore investor distribution strategies

  • Creation of offer document

  • Distribute to investors networks

  • Run public relations and investor relations activities

  • Launch to general investor networks

  • Distribute and liaise with investors

  • Execute on company milestones with monies raised

  • Close the raise

Equity Capital Raising

To proceed, please send through your current investment documents (business plan, information memorandum, teaser, investor presentation or complete our Capital Raising Form) and your latest P&L and balance sheet and we can discuss your objectives.

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