Capital Raising Seminars

24 September 13

Funding Strategies is excited to invite you to the upcoming capital raising seminars being run by the Australian Small Scale Offering Board (ASSOB) in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board is Australia's largest and most successful business introduction and matching platform for showcasing investment opportunities in high growth, unlisted Australian companies. Many businesses have exited the ASSOB platform to good outcomes after raising between $500,000 and several million dollars.

The seminars provide an opportunity to assess how investor or stakeholder ready your business is and what you can do to de-risk and build value, so you can raise the capital you require. Each upcoming seminars will be conducted by CEO Paul Niederer. Being one of the world's leading authorities on raising capital with a proven equity funding platform, Paul is a sought after presenter especially with the present passage of the Jobs Act and it's investor crowdfunding provisions in the U.S.A.

The first of these workshops will be hosted by Funding Strategies in the upcoming weeks. Please find the key dates of each upcoming event below.

• Brisbane 9th October
Funding Strategies Pty Ltd.

• Sydney 21st November
Adina Apartments

• Melbourne 28th November
Hotel Grand Chancellor

• Brisbane 11th December
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Secure your position today to find out the secrets that have been used to obtain over $135 million of funding.

For more information on other upcoming events please contact us.