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Financial Services

Access Investing Limited

STAGE | In Progress

Access Investing is a market offering that provides public access to private growth & pre-IPO company investments.

Property & Real Estate

Project Build-To-Rent

STAGE | In Progress

Project Build-To-Rent is an experienced Australian company in the property development and management sectors.

Software, IT & Telco

Project Doceo

STAGE | In Progress

Project Doceo provides a VR enabled platform for remote employee training and workforce compliance management.

Software, IT & Telco

Project Educo

STAGE | In Progress

Project Educo offers a growing range of software and hardware technology solutions to support schools, educators, teachers...

Renewables & Recycling Industry - Renewables and Recycling

Project Ignis

STAGE | In Progress

Project Ignis is an Australian waste to energy company that has developed a gasification process for producing high value...

Advertising & Media

Project Marketing

STAGE | In Progress

Project Marketing is a specialist digital consultancy and media agency delivering performance focussed digital media...

Health Care, Medical & Biotech Health industry image

Project Medico

STAGE | Funded

Project Medico is an Australian-based company that offers a telehealth platform allowing patients to have a health...

Energy, Mining & Resources

Project Portus

STAGE | In Progress

Project Portus is a new Power and Energy company developing a new LNG-To-Power project in Australia.

Misc Industries

Project Praestino

STAGE | In Progress

This is a mandate to identify potential investment targets for a large private equity firm in Australia. The PE Fund has...

Manufacturing Industry - Renewables and Recycling

Project Speculo

STAGE | In Progress

Project Speculo is an Australian-owned company that mines glass from the domestic waste stream, producing high-quality...


Project Terebro

STAGE | Funded

Project Terebro builds new rigs based on its proven designs, customises existing rigs, including upgrades to client specific...

Software, IT & Telco

Project Topia

STAGE | In Progress

Project Topia offers a geospatial data and analytics software platform, developed to provide customers with a cost effective...

Misc Industries Various Projects

Various Projects


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