Raise Capital for my Business

25 August 15

It is important to become "investor ready" in order to prepare the business to raise capital.  Generally we follow a proven path to raise capital and take the company "to market".  This involves getting the business strategy right, getting the right people involved both at the Board and management levels, making sure the company structure is appropriate, the IP is protected and the company has realistic use of funds and valuation.  Tying the use of funds to milestones helps investors "follow" the matter and helps them evaluate whether the company can execute against plan over time.  Investor marketing and distribution is critial to the success of any capital raise as is updating the "market" on progress towards milestones and delivering on the numbers - revenue, costs and EBITDA.  It is also important to have an exit for investors so they can sell their shares (and make money) in the near term (

We have raised over $5m for our clients since January 2015 and look forward to assisting you with your Funding Strategy.

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