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Strategy Session

Strategy Session

A strategy session allows us (and you) to put a road map together to understand how to move forward, how much money the company needs and next steps to take.

Strategy Session

from $2,000

We envisage a half-day session covering generally the following points:

  • Current State of business
  • Company structure
  • Objectives and goals (personal and company)
  • Company Strategy / goals, including organic growth and mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”), etc.
  • Company financials (Balance Sheet, Profits & Loss Account, Forecast)
  • Proposed company structure and business model
  • Mergers and acquisitions (including types of target companies and assets, size and scale)
  • Human resources capital
  • Relationship and communication with existing and future stakeholders such as staff members, suppliers, distributors, customers, etc.
  • Financial Forecast and Budget
  • Growth / EBIT targets, measurement of each stage of expansion
  • Corporate governance considerations such as board composition (depending on the Company's strategies)
  • Possible exit strategies including Trade Sale, Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) / Reverse Takeover (“RTO”)

Milestones to be achieved from the session:

  • Business plan clarity
  • Funding Options
  • Critical Path Roadmap (current state - future state)
  • Measurement of milestones
  • Decisions

We have a range of tools and options that we can present that will help us all move forward. Once we have the correct strategy we can determine the corporate structure, use of funds, amount to be raised and valuation.

Strategy Session

From $2,000 depending on scope.

To proceed, please send through your current investment documents (business plan, information memorandum, teaser, investor presentation or complete our Capital Raising Form) and your latest P&L and balance sheet.

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