Property, Software and Strategy - Funding Strategies Connect September 2016

07 September 16

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Spring!

Since our previous newsletter, we have seen an increase in both investor activity and companies looking for assistance with their corporate strategy (see offer on strategy workshops below) or capital raising. We are currently listing Boyuan on the ASX and are engaged in a number of high profile corporate engagements.

This month I am delighted to

  • Introduce you to Cirrena and Boyuan;

  • Update you with the latest news from Opmantek, Benojo, Australian Trading & Investment Corporation and Ocular Robotics;

  • Showcase our 'Strategy Session' product with a special offer.

As always, please visit our Funding Strategies website for the latest news and information on any of our matters. We have recently updated our deal list, you can download it here.

Happy reading, and please get in touch if we can be of any assistance.

Mark Rainbird
Managing Director
Funding Strategies