300K Enterprises: Remotely Monitored Industrial LEDs

07 November 14

An article about 300K Enterprises by Victor Bivell was published on November 2014 Eco Investor publication:


" A Tasmanian company has developed what it says is the lowest whole-of-life cost industrial LED fitting with advanced LED and several world first features.


The NuVo PI was developed by 300K Enterprises Ltd over a number of years of R&D and with a holistic approach to the light's lifecycle and how to reduce all of the resources consumed such as electricity, human labour and so on. It looked at resource efficiency and not just energy efficiency.


Managing director Chris Trewin said "When we were first looking at entering the lighting market a couple of years ago we knew from personal experience that the initial purchase price is often the cheapest part of ownership, in particular by the time you account for the ongoing energy and maintenance costs.


"We knew that by incorporating energy efficient LED technology and our patented "Connex" base functionality we could offer clients a very safe to use, resource efficient fitting compared to other products currently on the market."


As well as mining, the lights suit wide ranging temperature conditions that are not serviced well by other vendors. 300K has won several grants and awards and sells to clients such as BHP, Rio, port authorities, councils, car yards, and the Australian Antarctic Division."