"Levelling the Pre-IPO Playing Field for Retail Investors"

Access Investing features in Alan Kohler's Eureka Report

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"Alan Kohler·8 Jul 2021 

Brett Tucker, who along with a few associates, has launched a business called Access Investing and the idea is that they will invest in pre-IPO companies, that is to say companies that are planning to float. They would invest in them before they float and they would distribute the shares in them to their investors after they float, so whatever they invest in, you would end up as a shareholder in that company that’s now listed, but you’ve bought the shares or got the shares at a price that’s pre-IPO, which is typically, he says, an average of 25 per cent below the IPO price. 

It’s an interesting idea, it’s probably worth listening to Brett and having him explain it, so here he is, Brett Tucker of Access Investing."

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July 8th, 2021

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