CaroMel Ltd

30 August 17


 CaroMel Ltd – A digital disruption

enabling fishermen and farmers to connect directly with high-end restaurants in China

CaroMel Ltd aims to connect fishermen and farmers directly to high-end restaurants and their end consumers – the ‘Airbnb’ or ‘Uber’ of produce. Initially the Company will focus on the supply of Southern Rock Lobster (SRL) and Abalone to high-end restaurants in China.

CaroMel will provide product traceability and provenance so end users will have confidence in the product’s authenticity. Farmers/fishermen can have more prestige through building their regional brand and restaurants can delight their patrons. By eliminating middlemen comprising almost 50% of supply chain costs, CaroMel is aiming for producers and restaurants to make higher profits.

The Company’s digital B2B platform can be applied across a range of food products in Australia and globally. Equally, the platform can be applied across a range of high-end restaurants in China and globally. Significant international opportunities have been identified.


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