CRe8 Home & Finance: 1st Round equity raise complete

18 March 15

CRe8 Home & Finance is very excited to announce that the first round of their equity raise has been filled immediately upon listing on ASSOB. This has exceeded the Company's expectations and reinforced their confidence in their projections for this year.


What will the first round equity raise achieve?
Of the $250,000 that has been raised $200,000 has been allocated to second mortgages on three properties, which has resulted in projected gross upfront revenue of $64,400. This has been through a mix of internal and external sales with CRe8 Real Estate and Glenvill First.

The remaining equity has been used as working capital toward expenses such as company restructuring, marketing, capital raising costs and compliance.

CRe8 Home & Finance is pleased to be entering straight into round 2 of their equity raise and executing on their forecast operating plan.