CRe8 Home & Finance: Close of offer – 18th December 2015

10 November 15

To Whom It May Concern:

CRe8 has received a positive response from its offer with the following highlights:


  • Round 1 closed within a day of listing.
  • Round 2 now fully subscribed.
  • Cornerstone $1M investment from Glenvill Homes allowing CRe8 to continue growing it’s Home Without A Deposit sales revenue and pipeline, as well as increase its loan book and balance sheet.
  • Engagement of PEGG for the brokering of $50M - $200M debt facility enabling the company to fulfill its national expansion plans.

Pending a December signing for the $50M - $200M debt facility CRe8 will be closing its offer by the close of business on the 18th December 2015.

CRe8 is anticipating an increased valuation of the company once this facility is in place. However the board has decided to keep the share price at 4c per share for the time being.

CRe8 is an innovative developer of products and systems that provide solutions to needs in the property and finance industries. Its flagship product is ‘Home Without a Deposit’ for owner-occupiers and investors.



Paul Wiwatowski, Director, CRe8 Home and Finance Ltd, 10th November 2015