CRe8 Home & Finance: Round 2 & 3 HWAD waiting list

27 April 15

The response and traction that Glenvill First is receiving has led to purchasers signing up for a waiting list until capital can become available. Purchasers who have been pre-qualified for Home Without a Deposit are paying their $2,000 administration fee in order to be put on the waiting list.

The volume of sign up’s is averaging 2 per week and with the launch of the Glenvill First website (visit these numbers are projected to increase.


CRe8 is continuing to follow all avenues in order to raise enough capital to meet this demand.


CRe8 is an innovative developer of products and systems that provide solutions to needs in the property and finance industries. Its flagship product is ‘Home Without a Deposit’ for owner-occupiers and investors.