CRe8 Home & Finance: Round 2 equity raise begins

08 April 15

It is with great pleasure for CRe8 Home and Finance team management to announce that the Company's Round 2 equity raise has begun and investors are beginning to take advantage. The Company has had $61,000 officially reserved so far.

2nd April Investor event
CRe8 Home and Finance's Melbourne based investor event was a chance for serious investors to get an in depth understanding of the company and why it is growing so quickly. The response to the event has been positive with requests for the offer document. The Management Team will be releasing a video of the event on their ASSOB profile for those potential investors who wish to see the event.

Glenvill First exceeding expectations
Glenvill First is exceeding all expectations by reserving the capital from our Round 2 equity raise and projecting 10 further sales over the next month. They are now looking for more staff to meet the high demand of potential