Everything you need to know about Building-integrated photovoltaics

30 March 16

"...But while major installations might be few and far between, there are some exciting developments in design and innovation. Leading the way is Sydney-based Trac Group, which has developed a lightweight PV roof tile called the Tractile. The product’s killer feature is that it also incorporates solar thermal hot water, thereby generating both electricity and hot water from a single unit, and gaining some additional efficiencies along the way. As Trac Group explains: “Tractile is slightly more efficient due to the cooling effect that the circulating fluid has on the solar panel, which reduces thermal resistance, which in turns allows the electrons to flow more freely and thus more electricity is yielded from the panel.” The company now plans to roll out its products internationally...."

Read the full article including an interview with Trac's Managing Director, Jason Perkins, here