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Funding Strategies Newsletter May/June 2021

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Dear Readers,  

Welcome to the May / June 2021 edition of the Funding Strategies newsletter!

As we come up to the end of the financial year we see that the stock market is at a high,the number of IPOs has risen significantly and business confidence is well above long term trends

We see that this return in confidence matches the strong increase in GDP Growth (quarterly) albeit NSW and VIC are currently lagging the rest of Australia. Housing prices are up as is household wealth.

Business investment as a share of GDP is low but one would expect this to pick up and expectations are that business capital expenditure will rise. Business and household services have rebounded strongly in terms of employment. Interest rates and inflation are low and commodity prices are generally strong.     

We therefore expect the next 6 months to be strong as companies look to expand and raise finance to hire new staff and take on new projects and acquisitions. From an investor perspective we find strong correlation between investor confidence (strong pre-IPO / stock market) and investment.  

If we can assist with raising finance or help with investment, please get in touch. 

This edition of our newsletter includes:

  • Introduction to the Brisbane Jets;
  • Updates from TutisVReddo and Spatial Hub Analytics;
  • Next round of the Ignite Ideas Fund;
  • Updates from BlueMount Capital: Welcome to Omesh Sharma, Venice Energy news and the Western Union Currency Outlook; and
  • Upcoming events and past event reports: ACBC.

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