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Funding Strategies Newsletter June 2023

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Welcome to the June 2023 edition of the Funding Strategies newsletter! 


Congratulations go to the team at Project Triplex, who recently settled the first of two hospitality acquisitions in Western Australia. The second acquisition is expected to be settled in the coming days. 

Project Triplex is focussed on owning and operating regional accommodation assets. As one of the largest operators of regional assets, the Company manage s 32 properties in 22 locations across 5 states. Project Triplex runs multiple investment funds via its platform.

More congratulations!

Congratulations also to Project Brewing who "picked up a proverbial bounty of medals at the Perth Royal Beer Awards over the weekend, including three silvers and five bronzes! Expert judges put our beers at the top of eight categories from a field of 574 beers entered. We are very excited with these wins! Why not help us celebrate by coming in for a tasting this week!"

From Mark's desk

The talk in the capital markets has been around the increase in inflation (7.0% annual change March quarter 23), the increase in the cash rate (4.10%) and whether the economy will go into recession and now there is discussion around “spiralling wage increases” given the increase in the minimum wage and award wages (Financial Review 9th June).  

This has led to general investor confidence from both a company and consumer point-of-view to be subdued.  This uncertainty while unwelcome, creates a range of opportunities for companies and investors alike. 

Asset values have seen volatility and this provides opportunities for investors eg. tech valuations have generally decreased; and rising interest rates are providing better yields for investors.  On the company side we are seeing re-finance opportunities, acquisitions and opportunities for investors where companies are needing capital and asset values have fallen.  

If you are looking for finance or seeking to invest please feel free to contact us. 

This edition of our newsletter includes:  

  • Product of the Month: Raising Finance

  • Introducing: Project DSP, Project SAM;

  • Client Update: Project FSM, Project Fitness, Wildfire Energy;

  • Out & About: BlueMount Capital conference;

  • Events: Project Fitness webinar, Project FSM webinar, ACBC & HKABA;

  • Partner Update: McCormick Harris.

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Image below: Ken Freer, Richard Hemingway, Dr Mark Rainbird, Birgit Rainbird and Dr Saliba Sassine at their recent meeting in Brisbane.

Ken Freer, Richard Hemingway, Dr Mark Rainbird, Birgit Rainbird and Dr Saliba Sassine at their recent meeting in Brisbane.