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Funding Strategies Newsletter March 2021

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 Dear Reader,  

Welcome to the March 2021 edition of the Funding Strategies newsletter!

As we look back over the 1st quarter, it has been an exciting start to the year with the local market consolidating and investor confidence increasing (stockmarket, business and retail confidence).   As a result, we have been seeing an increase in investments and market activity. In terms of work load, we have seen an increase in Mergers and Acquisitions and have been involved in providing Acquisition Finance and Venture Funding with a number of clients hitting milestones, such as CareVision and Wildfire.    

A popular service with clients is our Strategy Session where we help the company determine a Roadmap to move forward that leads to a comprehensive business and funding plan. We stage the assignment and we provide financial modelling, getting the company investor ready and creating the Investment Teaser and co-ordinate the capital raise or financing.    

Here we are introducing some of our recent clients  ChamonixRain, Tutis Vreddo and Vspry.

This edition of our newsletter includes:

  • Introductions to Vspry, ChamonixRain Organics, TutisVReddo, Global Rev Gen, KERB;
  • Updates from Wildfire Energy, CareVision, Pharmachal;
  • Updates from BlueMount Capital on The Property Fund, Fyi Resources and Altech; 
  • Upcoming events: ACBC and TiE Melbourne; and
  • Team member updates.

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The images are courtesy of ACBC QLD and were taken at the ACBC QLD Chinese New Year 2021 dinner function.

Introductions - News - Events from the Funding Strategies Team