Readers, Refinancing and Growth - Funding Strategies Newsletter May 2020

Funding Strategies Newsletter May 2020

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Dear Readers,  

Welcome to the May 2020 edition of the Funding Strategies newsletter. 

As we see the easing of restrictions related to COVID-19 we are encouraged that businesses are taking action to secure their futures by putting in place funding / business strategies.  We have generally seen an increase in debt related transactions (re-financing and growth) as well as an increase in enquiries relating to capital raising and investor marketing for growth opportunities.

From an investor side of things there continues to be strong interest from strategic investors (both on / off shore).  We note the Government has just launched a new package of foreign investment reforms which is yet to be legislated.  We are yet to see what the effect of these will be for investors and issuers albeit the Government is committed to delivering a timely and efficient foreign investment regime.

This edition of our newsletter includes:

  • Updates from BlueMount Capital: Introduction of Project Fructus and Project Atramento;
  • Updates from Instant Consult; and 
  • Upcoming event: ACBC

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Queenslanders have done an amazing job 'flattening the curve' and we are delighted to announce that we have commenced transitioning back into our offices. We prefer to continue holding our meetings virtually, in order to minimise travel and to maximise physical distance to support the community's efforts of containing the spread of the "Coronovirus". For your information, the Queensland's Roadmap to easing restrictions is shown below.  

We invite you to reach out to confidentially explore your business issues and funding options. We have a capable, globally connected team with a strong track record. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Queensland's Roadmap to easing restrictions