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Funding Strategies Newsletter May 2024

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Dear Readers,  

Welcome to the May 2024 edition of the Funding Strategies newsletter!

From Mark's Desk

What is the cost of not getting capital / finance when it is needed?

What do we see companies doing?

  • delaying raising capital;

  • trying to put an investment thesis together without addressing current problems in the business;

  • waiting until the money is urgently needed;

  • not paying ATO debt;

  • not cutting costs fast enough ...

What is the cost of not taking action?

  • working capital issues;

  • can't supply to customers, can't pay suppliers;

  • can't make enough product;

  • strategic initiatives are delayed or growth "put on hold"

  • company is put at risk through adverse actions ...

  • defaults on credit score;

  • financiers won't lend money;

  • reputational damage;

  • wind up actions ...

If any of these issues are arising in your business please call us for an obligation free "assessment" and options on how to move forward.

This edition of our newsletter includes:  

  • Client Update: Family Harmony Project;

  • New client introductions: Project Pulmona, Project Cor, Project Maritime Autonomy, Project Prebiotics;

  • Recordings of recent webinars: Project Pulmona, Project Cor and Project Maritime Autonomy;

  • News from our partners: SomethingFest 2024, SmartCompany, ACBC and McCormick Harris Insurance.

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Image below: Attendees of the DFAT Roundtable with Consul-General designate, Chengdu, Meaghan Shaw.

Image of attendees at the ACBC event