Guarda Group - First Round Fully Subscribed

22 June 18

Guarda Group - First Round Fully Subscribed


Guarda Group - First Round Fully Subscribed

On behalf of Guarda Group Holdings, I am delighted to announce that Round 1 of our capital raise is now fully subscribed. $250k has been raised which will be used for:

  • The 2nd manufacturing run of FTR095 Concrete Saws as the first run is sold out. These are due to roll off the production line on 131h July 2018.
  • The purchase of spare parts to support product sales.
  • Moulds for the Edge Saw so they can be finalised by September 2018 and get the Edge into production by the end of 2018,
  • Travel to China for quality control on the FTR095 Saw production run and to coordinate the production of the Edge moulds.
  • Marketing spend to support sales of the Fume Tube, FTR095 Saw and Edge Saw, including attendance at the January 2019 World of Concrete Trade Show in the US, where we will obtain a booth to display our products.

In addition, our wall chasing operation is continuing along its strong growth trajectory with projected June 2018 revenues of over $100k. Workloads have now increased to the point where new franchisees are urgently required. Cash flows in this business will begin to improve significantly from July 2018 as new customer payments begin to flow in."


Craig Penty, Managing Director, Guarda Group Holdings Pty Ltd, 22 June 2018.

Please read the full announcement via the link below.

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