Guarda wins big at World of Concrete Trade Show

13 March 19

Guarda wins big at World of Concrete Trade Show


"Guarda wins big at World of Concrete Trade Show


The Guarda Edge Powercutter has just won the award for "Most Innovative Product - Industry Choice" in the Dust Control & Accessories Category. 

The World of Concrete is the concrete and masonry industries global showcase with over 1500 exhibitors and 60,000 attendees. The award celebrates the most innovative technologies for that year. The awards are highly sought after and valued and many of the world's largest manufacturers enter. The Guarda Edge Powercutter is a unique concrete cutting saw that uses our own patented technology to control silica dust in ways that our competitors cannot match. 

Independent silica dust testing has revealed levels so low, they were below the laboratory level of detection. Respirable Silica Dust can lead to silicosis and lung cancer. Silicosis is now receiving global attention, and awareness of this hazard is growing. In the US & the UK, the regulators have lowered the allowable industry limits making it very tough for conventional equipment to comply. 

In Australia, 100 stonemasons have recently been diagnosed with silicosis, with doctors stating that this is just the tip of the iceberg. A federal crackdown is looming as the industry wakes up to realisation that current controls are not adequate. This has created a big opportunity for Guarda.

We will launch the Edge Powercutter in April/May. The industry is keenly awaiting the release of this product and we are currently signing up distributors in the US, UK, Australia & NZ."


Craig Penty, Managing Director, Guarda Group Holdings/Enviro Chasing Services, 13 March 2019.


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