Helio Lending - Unlocking Cryptocurrency, Australian First Launches into Market

06 December 18

Helio Lending - Unlocking Cryptocurrency, Australian First Launches into Market

"Unlocking Cryptocurrency, Australian First Launches into Market

Helio Lending today boldly launched into the Australian cryptocurrency market. Helio Lending is the first independent crypto lending company to actively lend within Australia under an Australian Credit Licence. Founder and Managing Director, John O’Shea said he was excited to bring this product to his clients in such an untapped area that has so much potential for growth and expansion over the next few years. “Currently there are only two or three providers globally, and we are excited to offer such an exciting service acting as a direct lender, with a quick, seamless process and exceptional customer service.”

Unlocking the Monetary Value of Crypto

Helio Lending will service the cryptocurrency market unlocking the monetary value linked with cryptocurrencies. Everyday goods will now be accessible to cryptocurrency holders through Helio’s innovative new model, John also stated his eagerness to launch Helio Lending saying it will introduce new lending capabilities and bring significant benefit to the Australian economy.

“The Australian economy will benefit through an unleashing of assets currently held as cryptocurrency back into our market. Our clients will have 50% more spending power than they currently do while still holding onto their crypto assets. These assets may be held in overseas exchanges or wallets, Helio allows these funds to be converted back to AUS, USD, EUR and HKD to be used by our clients. We anticipate our clients will reinvest, buy goods and services and even start their own business through unlocking these assets.” said John.


John O'Shea, Managing Director & Founder, Helio Lending Pty Ltd, 6 December 2018.


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