HighLow Fitness now Active Kids Approved

14 June 19

HighLow Fitness now Active Kids Approved

 "HighLow Fitness now Active Kids Approved 


HighLow Fitness is excited to announce it is now approved to after offer the Active Kids initiative. This program has enabled kids to participate in local sport with the help of a $100 Voucher that each Australian child is eligible to receive from the government.
General manager of Highlow Fitness Mark Garrahy explains, “Active kids has been an outstanding method to get kids moving via sport participation and it's fantastic that our programming for 8 to 13-year-olds called TIPs was reviewed and well received and they recognise that fitness and exercise is just as important. TIPs has been a highly successful session for kids since it began as we incorporate body weight, cardio, motor skills and some team sport and activities. Now that we are included as an option this will no doubt boost awareness and give us the ability to build and grow the program further."


Mark Garrahy, General Manager, HighLow Fitness, 14 June 2019.


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