Instant Consult Growth

16 August 19


"Instant Consult Growth

Record breaking 1,100+ successful consults through Instant Consult in the month of July alone and an app update due to be released this month in August. 

Each month, the company is exceeding its previous month's consult count. As the patient base is growing by 27% each month on average, the consult count is increasing by 37% each month. This shows quite a high number of patients who are using the platform are existing patients. On average, the portion of consult requests each month from existing patients is 27%.
Eden Exchange spoke to Bianca (co-founder and managing director of Instant Consult) who is working with Funding Strategies. You can listen to the podcast as Bianca delves into telehealth and how it is shaping the future of Australian healthcare: "


Travis Brown, Director, Instant Consult Pty Ltd, 16 August 2019.


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