Instant Consult - Round 1 fully subscribed

02 July 19

Instant Consult - Round 1 fully subscribed

 Instant Consult - Round 1 fully subscribed

"We are delighted to announce that Round 1 of our capital raise is now fully subscribed. After only announcing the raise last week, swift investors were quick to act to secure a piece of Instant Consult for themselves.

The first round of $250k has been raised to:

  • Increase marketing expenditure through strategic promotional and advertorial opportunities.
  • Further platform development of our Professional Partners Booking System, which will see an entirely new revenue stream and patient base for Instant Consult.
  • Working capital to expand the team allowing continued focus on software development, marketing strategies, growth opportunities and professional partnerships.

Having over 1,000 consults take place on the Instant Consult platform in the last month is a rewarding milestone for the Company. We look forward to exceeding this consult number in July and welcome our new investors to the Instant Consult family."

Travis Brown, Director, Instant Consult Pty Ltd, 2 July 2019.


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Instant Consult - Round 1 fully subscribed

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