"Man becomes youngest victim of deadly dust disease"

30 May 19

Image above from the Gold Coast Bulletin article. Click on the image to read the article. 


"Thanks for sharing the story this morning.

This is a really significant story not just for the reasons that a very young man has tragically developed silicosis but that the factory was using water controls and he still got the disease. We have long know that even with water, the dust is in the water vapour because the water flies all over the place. With our system more than 99% of the water is vacuumed away before release into the air. This is one of the reasons we get unprecedented control around silica dust. Up till now the cases and stories have focussed on lack of controls but this shows that even with traditional controls it is not always enough. We know that stone bench tops have a higher silica dust content and that banning this material may be the response but it is not the whole solution. Even though brick and concrete have lower silica content compared with artificial stone, it is still significant and many people cutting these materials do so all day, every day for many years. The risk is still there. We are very frustrated to see these stories especially in people so young and knowing that a much better solution already exists."


Craig Penty, Managing Director, Guarda Group Holdings/Enviro Chasing Services, 30 May 2019.


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