Mandala Asset Solutions Announcement: TARHF is planning to make a First Close on 24 June 2015

25 May 15

Mandala Asset Solutions Pty Limited as manager of the Trinity Accommodation Regional Hospitality Trust (TARHF) is pleased to announce that TARHF is planning to make a First Close of its fund on 24 June 2015.


John Zeckendorf, a Principal of Mandala is delighted to report that “the fundraising for TARHF has gone well and we are pleased to make a first close and be able to progress the fund.” “This is not the final opportunity for investors to come into TARHF but there are some significant benefits for investors coming in early” said Mr Zeckendorf.

A number of initial targets have been identified and pre-negotiated . TARHF is ready to deploy First Close investor funds quickly into opportunities that should comfortably exceed the targeted returns.


General background
Mandala have launched a new Regional Accommodation fund, TARHF ( to take advantage of many opportunities in the Australian regional hospitality market. “The potential for “value adding” in this market is vast”
said Mr Zeckendorf.

TARHF is targeting quarterly cash returns of more than 10% per annum paid quarterly and capital growth of more than 5% per annum on an IRR basis.