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Raising capital and insurance

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"Capital Raising 

Generally speaking, the whole process of Capital Raising businesses is done in a very positive and exiting environment, moving the business to a new level. 

It will assist in bringing a dream or desire to come true in the business part of your life. 

As very important part of every Capital Raising is the "essential" need for Risk Management. 

Getting your insurance covers exactly as they should be, requires the most appropriate Professional Insurance Advice and policy. 

There are a small number of Professional Insurance Advisors/Brokers that really know what to do here. Many do not get the cover right for their client regarding Capital Raisings. 

For example, many Management Liability or Directors & Officer’s Policies may Exclude any cover for the Directors for Capital Raisings issues. 

Hence, care should always be taken to ensure the correct Insurance Advice and cover is in place for the Business as a whole, and more so for Capital Raisings. 

Tony McCormick, Managing Director of McCormick Harris Insurance works with Funding Strategies as a trusted professional partner and can assist with any question regarding the above as you need. 

For a chat/appointment, please contact Tony on 0418.511.411 or tony@mhi.com.au

To see more about our McCormick Harris Insurance. Please head to www.mccormickharris.com.au"

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January 20th, 2021

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