Mobicon: Another Mobicon for the USA Navy and the 4-Way Straddle Carrier

25 March 15


Another Mobicon Straddle Carrier for the USA Navy
Six years ago, before the Company demonstrated the first Mobicon to be used on a LCS (Littoral Combat Ship), the US Navy representatives were nervous because they did not think that the Mobicon was manoeuvrable enough to exchange a mission package off and on the ship within the allocated time, which was 24 hours. After the demonstration, the Company’s team received an ovation from around 30 Navy personnel. When the team asked how the demonstration went, they were told that they just proved that the mission exchange now could be done in 4 hours, 20 hours faster that was allocated!

After receiving orders for 11 more LCS-Mobicons, the Company recently got an order for an additional “training” Mobicon, to be used in a land based training facility. This Mobicon is identical to the ones delivered to the ships, and will be used to prepare the sailors for operating the Mobicon on the ship, so that the ship is not held up for training purposes. This training Mobicon will be ready to be sent to US in May this year.


4-Way Straddle Carrier
A shortage and cost of yard-space to store shipping containers is an ever increasing problem for many companies. Mobicon Systems now has the exclusive IP to build a special 4-way Mini Straddle Carrier. This unique Straddle Carrier only needs 40% of the space to manoeuvre and can place the containers closer together, reducing the footprint of a container in a yard. Using this unique Straddle Carrier, a storage increase of more than 40% can be achieved compared whit conventional Straddle Carriers without stacking containers higher. Mobicon looks forward to receiving the funds to bring this machine to market.