Mobicon Systems announces the Appointment of Adam Sleigh as Independent Chairman

23 February 15

It is a great pleasure for Mobicon Systems to announce that Adam Sleigh has accepted the role of Independent Chairman of the Company's board.


Tom Schults, Mobicon's Managing Dirctor, has worked with Adam for some years, and most recently he has been acting as an advisor to the Company. Adam's ability to analyse the issues at hand and simplify them have been great help in facing the challenges of the current complex business environment. Adam has also shown his ability to ask the right questions to help making strategic decision. His knowledge of modern management techniques are impressive, and he will be a great asset to Mobicon team.


Adam had been the CEO of Australian Kitchen Industries, is a TEC (The Executive Connection) Chair and is currently the Independent Chairman of the Board of Followmont Transport, the largest independent owned transport company in Queensland. Adam is also Director of Total Business Innovation, and in the role he advises companies in, among others: process re-engineering, leadership development and business development.


Tom's welcolmes Adam to the Board, and looks forward to his valuable contributions.