Mobicon Systems received another Order for two Mobicon Mini Straddle Carries

29 January 15

Mobicon Systems is proud to have received another order for two Mobicon Mini Straddle Carriers from TransOcean in the UK. These two Mobicons will be used by Accolade in Bristol where they unload and load containers on and off the delivering vehicles. Accolade bottles wine that is imported from Australia and other countries in the world. The wine is transported by TransOcean to Accolade in containers that have "bladders" in them. This has proven to be a more effective way to transport wine between continents than transporting bottled wine. The Mobicon also assist in decanting the wine, as Mobicons can tilt the container to ensure that no wine is left in it.


The Mobicons were chosen because of their extreme low wheel weights. All Mobicons have 8 wheels, resulting in the lowest wheel weights of any container handler in the world. This is a very important feature as it avoids the concrete damage that other container handlers will cause. These Mobicons will be supplied with a diesel heater and have remote twist-lock engagement to avoid the operator having to come out of the cabin (a good feature in cold and rainy Bristol).


Mobicon Systems looks forward to deliver these two Mobicons in the next few months.