NSW Business of the Year, Ocular Robotics launches Groundbreaking New Products with New Look Website and prepares to Launch New ASSOB offer

24 April 14

The product offering from Ocular Robotics has been significantly expanded due to the completion of important work to extend the application of our systems. Importantly these products rely on just two underlying RobotEye embodiments with product differentiation occuring at the sensor, firmware or software level.

The effect of the expanded product range will be to broaden our offering in the 3D laser scanning and vision system categories while adding hyper-spectral systems to our range. These additions will accelerate our sales growth by broadening the turnkey application base of our systems. Specifically, the new products are;


  • RobotEye RE08 3D-LiDAR scanner: Longer range, sophisticated measurement technology, high accuracy.
  • RobotEye VISION REV25-ST: Stabilised camera system that leaves everthing else on the market way behind.
  • RobotEye VISION REV25-IS: Solves the nausea problem associated with the use of head mounted display technology for telepresence/teleoperation.
  • RobotEye HYPERSPECTRAL REHS25: Unique hyper-spectral mapping system.


The new look website reflects this expanded product offering and marketing messages for the different product categories and will be an important tool in future sales growth.


Ocular Robotics is preparing to launch a new share offer on the ASSOB platform in May. The new offer will be aimed at accelerating the company’s business development activities for the expanded product offering. Boosting sales growth across both turnkey and systems integrator areas.

Additional Documents

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