Ocular Robotic: Partners to Display Ocular Systems at Trade Conventions in Sydney and Israel in October

24 September 13

Ocular’s new distribution partner in Israel, OpteamX Ltd will display an RE01 Imaging System demonstrating advanced tracking capabilities at the UVID conference on Unmanned Vehicles in a Complex Environment in Israel. Israel and particularly Tel Aviv has a very active high technology sector, in a recent report ranking the technology start-up sites around the world it in fact ranked second only to Silicon Valley. The company believes that its products will find many applications in such an environment across areas such as advanced manufacturing, robotics and security and it looks forward to a fruitful partnership with OpteamX.

In addtion, Solar Sailor is an Australian company involved in the development and sale of solar powered vessels of various sizes and configurations. A recent project for Solar Sailor is the development of unmanned surface vessels for long term unattended maritime monitoring applications. Solar Sailor has chosen Ocular Robotics’ RE01 Imaging system as the onboard camera solution to allow monitoring of the full environment around the vessel and tracking of objects of interest regardless of sea surface conditions. From October 7 - 9 Solar Sailor will display its new unmanned surface vessel at the Pacific 2013 International Maritime Exposition complete with an Ocular Robotics RE01 Imaging system installed and performing advanced tracking and identification for the visitors to the exposition.

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