Ocular Robotics Announcement

18 May 15

Commercial Director Appointed to Drive Sales Growth
Ocular Robotics (OCR) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Ramin Rafiei to the role of Commercial Director. Ramin joins the Ocular Robotics team to accelerate the Company’s engagement with all relevant industry sectors and oversee the growth of a global network of distributors for the Company’s products.


The development and application of novel sensing systems have been at the heart of Ramin’s career over the past decade, spanning the aerospace, automotive, nuclear, and photonics industries. Ramin holds a PhD in high energy physics from the Australian National University. In his most recent appointment as Associate Professor of Microelectronics Engineering at the University of Western Australia, Ramin led the measurement, instrumentation and system integration for one of the largest commercial contracts between an Australian university and a fortune 50 US aerospace company. Ramin is a published author and the recipient of the 2014 National Innovation Award.


In addition to an impressive technical track record, Ramin’s commercial acumen, energy, and excellent client engagement will allow Ocular Robotics to expand its customer relationships and enable the company to realise its ambitious growth plans.

OCR Cash Positive For 6 Month Period to December 2015
Forward orders for OCR’s products and services have the Company cash flow positive for the 6 month period to December 2015. With the appointment of Dr Ramin Rafiei to the position of Commercial Director to drive sales growth through direct customer engagement and expansion of the Company’s distributor network OCR hopes to improve this position substantially over the coming months.


General Meeting
At the General Meeting of the Company held on the 24th March 2015 the resolution to remove Ray Miller as a director of the Company was passed. At the same meeting Mrs Kristina Bishop was appointed as a director to replace Ray Miller. Mrs Bishop has previously served as a director of Ocular Robotics and will do so again on this occasion on an interim basis while the company recruits a new director with the right skills and experience. The Minutes of the General Meeting have been uploaded and are available on the OCR issuer page.


Resignation of Terry Whelan as Director of OCR
Mr Terry Whelan submitted his resignation from the board of Ocular Robotics effective from Friday 27th March. The Company subsequently appointed Mr Joseph Ronald Bishop as a director of the Company to ensure that the OCR board maintained the required minimum number of directors. Mr Bishop has a long history of operating successful businesses however he will also only serve as a director on an interim basis while the company recruits a new director with the right skills and experience.

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Ocular Robotics Announcement