Ocular Robotics Exhibits by Invitation at Photonics West in San Francisco

22 February 14

Ocular Robotics was invited by Edmund Optics a global optical compnents company and the supplier of critical optical components for its systems to exhibit at Photonics West the largest event for the laser and photonics community in North America. At the exhibition in San Francisco held between February 4-6 Ocular Robotics demonstrated the advanced capabilities of its products in two demonstrations that left our hosts Edmund Optics and many attendees astounded.


The first created 3D fusions of data sources from multiple sensors by using Ocular Robotics RE01-Imaging and RE05-LIDAR products to respectively capture a panorama of the area and simultaneously a 3D image of the same area. Then these two seperate images were fused together to create a colour 3D image of the area around the booth. This demonstration was repeated live at the booth every few minutes.


The second demonstration showed advanced security and surveillance capabilities of the our RE01-Imaging product that would allow operators of security camera networks to cut their camera inventory by a factor of four (Sydney’s rail network alone has 16,000 cameras), while delivering vastly improved capability to manage their camera resources and capture the important events that occur on their network.

Additional Documents

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