Ocular Robotics has China in its sights with award-winning RobotEye

22 May 15

The Export Growth China website published the following article about Ocular Robotic on May 25th, 2015:


"Ocular Robotics is set to bring its award-winning RobotEye technology to China after joining the NSW Business Chamber’s new Export Growth China program, which helps small and medium-sized Australian businesses break into the Chinese export market.

Based in Kingsgrove, Ocular Robotics is a world leader in ultra-high performance industrial sensing. The company’s patented RobotEye technology has eliminated the size, weight and power restrictions of traditional sensor pointing systems.

The RobotEye platform technology can be configured for an almost limitless number of industrial sensing and imaging applications in the air, on land and at sea. From aerospace and defence to mining, security, agriculture, virtual reality, transport and emergency services, the RobotEye’s unmatched speed and accuracy is revolutionising sensing.


“China with a population of over 1.3 billion presents significant opportunities to expand our business by introducing our off-the-shelf product range, RobotEye system customisation and full custom system development services to the world’s fastest growing consumer market.

“Ocular Robotics operates across a range of robust, high growth markets such as mining, robotics, defence, automation and security, and we operate with a scalable business model capable of capturing overseas markets,” said Ocular Robotics Founder and Chief Executive, Mark Bishop.


“We joined the NSW Business Chamber’s Export Growth China program because it takes the stress out of entering a new export market and allows us to introduce our RobotEye sensor pointing technology to customers, OEM integrators and distributors, without the associated risk and costs,” said Mr Bishop.

Dr Ramin Rafiei, Ocular Robotics’ Commercial Director, is excited by this partnership. “The NSW Business Chamber will no doubt give Ocular Robotics the recognition it deserves in the Chinese Market.

“The RobotEye is an Australian high-tech export and China is central to our growth strategy. The RobotEye achieves a 30-fold performance improvement over existing point or scan sensing technologies and by doing so can bring unmatched performance, versatility and intelligence to security camera networks, emergency response vehicles, industrial automation and robotics,” said Dr Rafiei.


NSW Business Chamber General Manager, Paula Martin said: “Export Growth China provides businesses with a low-cost entry point and essentially ‘holds their hand’ through the entire process; from determining whether they’re ready to export right through to facilitating trade agreements with Chinese wholesale buyers....


... Industry awards and recognition are very highly regarded within Chinese culture, and are an important way of establishing your credibility to potential business partners.

“We expect Ocular Robotics to receive a very positive reception at our showroom in Shanghai’s international trading district, and we look forward to helping them to build on their considerable success in Australia by exporting their unique technology to China,” Ms Martin said."


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