Ocular Robotics Releases New Product Videos as Part of the Expansion of the Company’s Marketing Efforts

26 September 14

Ocular Robotics has released new product videos for two of its product classes, its 3D Laser Scanner range and High Resolution Panorama Systems.

Ocular Robotics 3D Laser Scanning range delivers unique capabilities to 3D laser scanning unavailable in any other 3D scanner. Ocular Robotics 3D laser scanners have been deployed in the robotics, automation, oil and gas, defence, bulk materials handling, research, automotive, surveying and other application areas. This video describes the modes of operation of Ocular Robotics’ 3D laser scanners and shows a demonstration of all modes in an outdoor location.

Ocular’s new High Resolution Panorama Systems acquire extremely high resolution panoramas in a small fraction of the time of alternative systems. Gigapixel panoramas are acquired in under one minute while other systems capable of similar resolutions take of the order of half an hour or more.

The precision delivered by Ocular’s core optical pointing technology allows high resolution panoramas to be immediately viewed and the location information encoded with each individual component image significantly speeds the offline processing of fully stitched panoramas. Comparatively alternative systems require lengthy offline processing before any output is viewable.

Ocular Robotics High Resolution Panorama systems are also robust, vehicle mountable and rapidly deployable while alternatives are tripod mounted and require significant setup time. This video demonstrates rapid acquisition of a high resolution panorama with such a system and its relevance to applications in intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance, search & rescue and disaster relief, real estate, tourism, mining and resources, construction and many more.

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