Ocular Robotics: RobotEye RELW60 Thermal

05 July 19


Case Study: Critical Electrical Infrastructure

"Thermal images have long been used as a method of security monitoring due to their ability to identify the presence of warm bodies in the absence of visible light. More recently however, thermal imaging has been used as a solution to monitor the condition of electrical equipment due to its ability to reveal early signs of potential malfunction in the form of overheating that are not detectable by the human eye. In this way equipment can be monitored regularly from a remote point making the job safer and more efficient. The combination of these capabilities makes thermal imaging an ideal solution for monitoring an electrical substation.

RobotEye Delivers the Best of Both Field of View and Range

Due to the high cost and low resolution of thermal imagers, fixed or pan-tilt thermal camera systems suffer from the need to compromise between field of view and range. Ocular Robotics RELW60 long wave thermal imaging system with its embedded RobotEye technology delivers the best of both worlds. The system’s unprecedented combination of speed and precision allows the expensive thermal pixels to be concentrated in a small field of view to provide long range, while at the same time enabling the rapid and precise directing of the camera’s field of view over a wide area."

"In this video https://youtu.be/UnlWdy_dT2w you can see a visible camera RobotEye system stabilizing on a RHIB in high seas at Autonomous Warrior 2018 a five eyes exercise at Jervis Bay naval base in November last year."

Mark Bishop, CEO & Director, Ocular Robotics Limited, 5 July 2019.


Please read the full case study via the link below or watch the video here.

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