Ocular Robotics: Rovina Project Robot Using Ocular Robotics RE05 3D Scanner Receives Award at Maker Faire in Rome

17 November 14

One of the robots being used by the Rovina Project in Europe has received an award at the recent Maker Faire in Rome. The Maker Faire was attended by over 90,000 people and had 600 hundred exhibits. The Rovina Project aims to digitize sites of cultural significance in Europe that are difficult to access with conventional methods such as the Catacombs using a team of robots such as the one pictured here and seen in the news story below. The resulting digital models will then be made available online for researchers and the public to explore these sites.


This television news story from the Italian RAI News network shows the RE05 3D scanner operating on the robot as it makes its way around the gounds of the Maker Faire in Rome.

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