Ocular Robotics selected to meet with ABB Robotics CEO, captures 3D scenes in Japan, technology to assist firefighters

09 September 15


  • " Ocular Robotics selected for meeting with ABB Robotics CEO

In August OCR participated in a competition run by UK Company Idea Hub and funded by ABB Robotics a long time world leader in robotic factory automation which is now focusing its efforts on the new wave of general purpose collaborative robots that will work alongside people and be capable of learning a broad range of tasks unlike the single task production line robots we are familiar with.

ABB Robotics conducted the competition to identify new technologies that will help it maintain its leadership in robotics. In a great outcome for the company, Ocular Robotics was one of a handful of companies selected from over 150 entrants to proceed to direct meetings with the CEO and senior executives of ABB Robotics to discuss opportunities for collaboration.

  •    Ocular RE05 3D Scanner Captures 3D Scenes in Japan

Ocular’s RE05 3D scanner is being used to capture urban, rural and maritime scenes in Japan with the resulting 3D data able to be used in a wide range of applications. See the RE05’s work in the following videos in natural, agricultural, urban and maritime settings;

  •  Gold Sponsorship of Prestigious International Mobile Mapping Technology Conference

The prestigious international conference on mobile mapping technology MMT 2015, will be held in Sydney in December this year where Ocular Robotics will be a Gold Sponsor of the conference providing the company with excellent exposure and a number of benefits including a permanent display presence during the conference in a sector that is highly relevant for the company’s products.

  •     Ocular Robotics Builds its Social Media Presence

Ocular Robotics’ has significantly expanded its efforts on the social media platforms Twitter and LinkedIn. For those tweeters out there who would like to keep up with the latest news from Ocular please follow us @OcularRobotics and those active on LinkedIn may want to follow the Ocular Robotics company profile at https://www.linkedin.com/company/ocular-robotics.

  •     Fire Response Vehicle Manufacturer Looks to OCR Technology to Assist Firefighters

In another demonstration of the wide applicability of Ocular Robotics products amajor fire response vehicle manufacturer has identified Ocular Robotics’ capability in the area of rapid high resolution image mapping as an enabler to improve outcomes in multi-storey building fires.
This capability of the company’s products will enable the high resolution thermal imagery mapping of multiple storey buildings in seconds once a fire response vehicle has arrived at the scene enabling the precise location of the fire to be determined through smoke and building structure as well as identifying people visible through windows that may require rescue.
With this information provided rapidly upon arrival the firefighting and rescue response can be better planned. The adjacent image is a depiction of such an operation in action.

  •     China Export Growth Official Launch

The official launch of the Export China Growth program which Ocular Robotics is a participant in was recently held in both Shanghai and Sydney. Shown below at the Sydney launch an RE05 3D laser scanner busily took 3D scans of the panel and audience during the panel discussion at the event.
Export Growth China showcases the products or services of participating companies in a permanent pavilion in Shanghai, China. The Export Growth China staff both in Shanghai and Sydney work on the participating companies behalf to source authentic Chinese buyers.

  •     Ocular Robotics Hosts Leaders of 20 Companies from Zhejiang Province China

CEO’s and executives of 20 companies from Zhejiang province located just south of Shanghai visited Ocular Robotics see a presentation on the Company’s products and capabilities and discuss opportunities for use of OCR products in their businesses.
The companies who worked in areas including mobile warehouse automation systems, robotics and energy efficiency systems were visiting Australia to identify potential new business partnerships and opportunities."

Mark Bishop, CEO, Ocular Robotics Limited, 9th September 2015 

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