Opmantek: Australian ICT Exporter of the Year launches raise on ASSOB

26 March 15

Australia’s leading ICT exporter, Opmantek Ltd (ASSOB: OMK), are excited to launch a new capital raise on ASSOB for funding of their growth and expansion plans. Opmantek’s seed raise of $700k was oversubscribed in 2012-13 and the company has experienced unanticipated customer demand through the launch of new products.

Opmantek is Australian ICT exporter of the year for 2014 and in 2013 was voted by the Australian Association of Angel Investors as Company of the Year.

Opmantek are currently experiencing an incredible rate of growth – a new company implements an Opmantek product every 6 minutes and the customer base now well exceeds 55,000 organisations. Funds raised will enable Opmantek to capitalise on new international opportunities and increase their market presence in the high growth regions of Latin America, US, Europe and Asia.


The new raise will be offered under a phased approach with preferential pricing in the first phase to encourage new investor engagement.

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