Opmantek leads Software Exports, Rapid Growth Overseas

17 November 14

Supporting some of the largest and fastest networks in the world, Opmantek Ltd (ASSOB: OMK) has continued its run of successes after listing on the ASSOB board only 3 years ago.

The Gold Coast is an established IT hub in Australia and hosts Opmantek’s Head Office along with a wide range of other IT operations and development businesses. “In the last 6 months we have been awarded an iAward for innovation, a Regional Excellence Award for our business growth, and have been name Qld ICT exporter of the year. These are huge achievements individually and to win all three just shows how dedicated the team is to excelling in a very fragmented marketplace” says Danny Maher, CEO.

Opmantek export globally with major markets in Central, Southern and Northern America. With an install base which totals over 50,000 organisations and an online community of open-source contributors, Opmantek’s global reach and growth is enormous.

“Key target customer interest amongst MSP’s and Telco’s is still growing strongly but we have also noticed an uptick in demand from secondary market segments. Health, Government, Education, and Utilities interest are all growing rapidly.” Danny Maher believes.

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