Opmantek proves Gold Coast can be a Global IT Leader

13 August 15

The Business News Australia website has published the following article written by Jenna Rathbone about Opmantek, on August 13th, 2015:

"A GOLD Coast company has edged out one of the largest multinational IT firms in the 13th annual American Business Awards, and proved that the Gold Coast can be a world leader in the technology field.


Surfers Paradise-headquartered Opmantek has been voted America's favourite systems management product, ahead of computer technology company Dell.


The award was judged on a public vote, with more than 16,000 votes cast in 40 people's choice categories.


Opmantek CEO Danny Maher says the accolade is testament to the growing popularity of the company's network management solutions in the US and across the world.


"This was a great award because it is voted by the public - there is no application you have to fill in and there are no judges that might have affiliations with companies, it is just a straight public vote," says Maher.


Maher says it proves that you can build a successful IT company from the Gold Coast.


"The internet has been around for a long time now but the procurement method of organisations are changing," says Maher.


"Particularly the IT departments of organisations are realising that companies like us won't respond to tenders, that you must go out there and do your research on the internet, download the software, install it in your environment, trial it and then make a decision on what you are going to buy....


... This award follows Maher's recent success at the 2015 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, where the Gold Coast CEO beat corporate heavyweights Alan Joyce and David Thodey to take out the title of Executive of the Year.


Opmantek provides commercial open source network management and IT audit software that helps IT teams to: detect and manage any device connected to their network; identify network faults; review current and historical network performance; and predict where future failures are likely to occur.


Since its inception in 2011, Opmantek has grown to be one of the most popular business software companies in the world with over 60,000 organisations using its products.


Meanwhile, every six minutes somewhere in the world a new organisation implements an Opmantek product, and is used in more than 130 countries."


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