Opmantek releases Open-AudIT Enterprise

21 August 13

Opmantek (ASSOB:OMK) continues it´s exciting and rapid release schedule with Open-AudIT Enterprise.


Opmantek acquired Open-AudIT in January 2013 with a plan to release an enterprise version of the product and cross-sell their existing NMIS technology.


Open-AudIT is the world´s leading open source network audit plataform, used by over 25,000 business worldwide.  New features of Open-AudIT Enterprise include an improved GUI, Software Asset Management, Mapping, and Scheduled Reporting.


"Further development of Open-AudIT´s key features, aimed at attracting additional commercial awareness from the already growing enterprise market, was a priority target since the acquisition in January" says Opmantek CEO Danny Maher.

Additional Documents

Click here to download: omk/OMK_ASSOB_eNews_August_2013.pdf