Opmantek rockets to 90,000 downloads and 9,000 commercial trials

24 June 15

It’s been a fantastic year for Opmantek (ASSOB:OMK). The company has received significant local and international recognition and is closing out the Australian financial year with some impressive growth statistics.

Downloads of the popular open source network management and IT audit software soared to over 90,000, making the company one of the fastest growing business software companies in the world. The company has also seen a dramatic increase in interest for their commercial products with trial license activations more than doubling to 9,000 over the course of the year, which is approximately 1 every hour.

This rise in commercial opportunities saw Opmantek establish 3 new regional sales offices in LATAM, North America and Europe and prompted the decision to launch a growth capital raise in April in order to accelerate their expansion and establish sales teams in additional key growth regions. “Our products are under intense demand globally and we need to quickly build further commercial infrastructure – i.e. hire sales people to respond to the demand.” Said Opmantek CEO Danny Maher. Shares in Opmantek can be purchased on ASSOB with round one (25c) close to full subscription at the date of this release at which time round 2 will open at 30 cents per share.

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